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          About Us
          Group introduction
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             Jiangsu ALMINE New Materials Stock Co.,LTD(hereinafter referred to as the stock name: ALMINE, stock code: 831145) is located in Industrial Zone, Jinhu County, Jiangsu Province, is a set of A-class fireproof core material, A2 Level fireproof aluminum composite plate and continuous production equipment, aluminium plastic composite board production line equipment research and development, production and sales as one of the large-scale professional company. 

          The company in September 2014 in the "National SME share transfer system listed (commonly known as the" new three ").


          Jiangsu Xiecheng Science& Technology Deve.Co., Ltd. and Zhangjiagang Xiecheng mechanical equipment Co. Ltd. company. A three stake in the company clear, clear division of labor.

          Jiangsu ALMINE New Materials Stock Co.,LTD's  A2 Level fireproof composite board and core material using inorganic material instead of traditional PE, to achieve zero oil resources consumption, production pollution, "zero emissions", saving the cost of 35%, compared to foreign products prices accounted for only about 40% of the, a comprehensive import substitution.

          Jiangsu Xiecheng Science And Technology Deve Co., Ltd. since established in 2006, attention to A2 Level fireproof composite materials R & D, 2009 successfully developed a with independent intellectual property rights of the A2 Level fireproof aluminum composite board and the continuous production equipment, to fill the gaps in countries in the curtain wall decoration of a blank, which is a revolution of the aluminum-plastic composite board industry, in the root broke the foreign enterprises "monopoly", become after the German Alucobond, Japan Mitsubishi, global third master to those at the highest level of fire prevention board production technology manufacturers, for the "made in China" to add a glory.

          The CJM Brand of Zhangjiagang Xiecheng mechanical equipment Co. Ltd's FR ACP complete sets of production equipment, with its leading technology, high quality and good after-sales service, has covered the world more than 20 countries, both at home and abroad of plastic building materials industry won a good reputation.


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